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  • Captures sentiments of over 2,500 researchers around the world
  • Highlights major themes that emerged as problems that researchers want addressed:

- Publication delay

- Peer review quality and processes 

- High publishing-related costs 

- Complexity of journal guidelines and systems 

- Inadequate adoption of open access

  • Presents insightful, thought-provoking author comments

What changes would researchers like to see in academic publishing?

Read actual comments of thousands of researchers who participated in the Editage Global Author Survey 

Given the high author participation we saw for the entire survey, we knew that we would obtain significant insights once we delved into the open-ended comments the respondents had provided. What we had not expected was the sheer number of supporting comments we would receive for this particular question, despite it being the last question. Many of the comments were elaborate, incisive, practical, and heartfelt. It was always our intention, through the survey, to make the voices of global researchers heard loud and clear within the scholarly publishing community, and what better way than by analyzing and presenting the actual comments of our survey respondents! We believe that this report will directly speak to journals, publishers, and academic societies who serve researchers and want direct access to their opinions.


Scholarly Communications, Editage  

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I think it would be very important to have [journals] aimed at the beginning researchers, because the publication system is very competitive and unequal if in its work there is one of the authors already renowned in that area of research.

The decison process of the journal takes too long to the point that authors of papers lose the enthusiasm to revise and publish due to long period of waiting.

If authors could evaluate the qualities of jounals for their editing and review, and if it could be open to the public, it may improve a quality of review and shorten the time of editing process.

Sample author comments

Clarinda Cerejo,
Editor-in-Chief, Editage Insights


A previous report released by Editage presented the overall views of researchers, as gathered in an exhaustive survey, on different aspects of scholarly publishing. As a qualitative follow up to this report, Editage now presents another one that analyzes all comments received in response to one of the most important survey questions: “Is there something you would like to change about the academic publishing system?”