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Author Perspectives on Academic Publishing: Global Survey Report 2018

Read perspectives of about 7000 authors from China, Brazil, Japan, Korea, India, and other countries  


Stakeholders in academic publishing often discuss how various aspects of the system require improvements. However, the strong voices in these matters tend to be better aligned to the journal perspective, rather than the author perspective. So while authors are at the heart of the publishing system as both producers and consumers of published research, their opinions tend to be underrepresented in discussions on potential improvements to scholarly communications. The industry especially needs access to consolidated views of authors from countries such as China, Japan, Korea, India, and Brazil, which are gaining prominence as producers of research output. This report offers publishers in-depth insights into author perspectives on a range of relevant issues, and clear takeaways for publishers looking to better engage their author community. Do read the report and share your comments using #EditageAuthorSurvey.

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…the process is sometimes very time-consuming and when the article is published it is already a year and in this time the knowledge has not been added to, new references have already been published and thus one’s article gets outdated.

There should be a mechanism for authors to provide feedback to editors about the quality of peer review comments. This is not to say that authors should be able to complain about reviewers simply because reviewers have given unfavorable comments. Authors should be able to provide feedback about reviewers' comments in terms of helpfulness, accuracy, and overall quality.

The guidelines provided for authors on the journals’ websites are confusing and sometimes contradictory.

Sample author comments from the survey

Clarinda Cerejo,
Editor-in-Chief, Editage Insights