What is Peer Review Week?

Peer review is recognized as the most time-tested and reliable measure of quality control for academic publishing. Peer Review Week is an annual global event celebrating the critical role of peer review in academic publishing.

Editage is on the Steering Committee of Peer Review Week 2018, alongside several large publishers, academic societies, and influencers. We have also been involved in discussions with industry professionals at various academic conferences and we would like to share with you some great discussions and resources about peer review.


What does Editage have to do with it?

Yes! As the first step to improving the system, it is important for academics globally to understand and start discussing these issues on a common platform. Peer Review Week provides the perfect opportunity for such discussions at an all-inclusive, global level.


Can these problems be fixed?

Established in 2002, Editage aims to accelerate global scientific research communication. At Editage, we strive to help science break through the confines of geography and language by helping researchers meet their publication goals through manuscript editing and publication support services. Over the last 15 years, Editage has helped over 269,000 authors prepare more than 881,000 manuscripts for journal submission. We are committed to empowering academic authors and editors across the globe.

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It’s that time of the year again, when academics globally gear up to talk about one of the most essential aspects of scholarly publishing –

We are looking forward to Peer Review Week 2018 (10 – 15 September)!  


Proud to be on the Organizing Committee for Peer Review Week 2018 

What will people be talking about?  

DIVERSITY and INCLUSION in peer review – topics like inclusion of younger researchers as peer reviewers and geographical or gender bias in peer review

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Join the discussions!

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The industry highly values peer review but wants to fix some problems with the system:

•  Good specialist reviewers are scarce, and journals struggle to increase and diversify their reviewer pool
•  Early career researchers are often eager to serve as peer reviewers but journals usually look for experienced
     reviewers, leading to a vicious circle of peer reviewer scarcity
•  It is important to include a variety of perspectives for manuscripts from researchers from different stages of
      their career and geographical regions
•  Reviewers don’t receive any formal or standardized training, so peer review output is highly variable – a training
     program will help improve peer review quality


Why discuss peer review so much?


Where can I follow the event?

Peer Review Week will be celebrated across various channels on the internet, including the official Peer Review Week website as well as #PeerRevWk18 and #PeerRevDiversityInclusion on Twitter, and Editage Insights. To make it easier for you to stay informed, the Editage Insights team will curate the most important stories from across all these channels and deliver them directly to your email inbox. Sign up below to receive these email updates.

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